• 24/7 availability for emergency situations
  • Administration of property documents
  • Verification and proper ventilation for buildings uninhabited for a period longer than 15 days
  • Managing the maintenance contracts and warranties for owned equipment
  • Collecting the rent
  • Paying the state and local taxes
  • Property insurance and management of any damage claims
  • Represent the interests of the owner against third parties 
  • Managing the renovation work and landscaping requested by the owner
  • Regular inspection of property
  • Keys management
  • Additional services ( furniture repairing, cleaning services, relocation , gardening, pest control, supply, etc. )


  • Document management , recording and notification by email / sms of the expiration dates for the mandatory insurance policy (RCA) & periodical technical inspection ( ITP) , road tax , revision, medical kit and fire extinguisher
  • Friendly ascertainment and damage record assistance
  • Consultancy for the registration / deregistration of the vehicle
  • Programming to an authorized service for the periodical technical inspection
  • Programming to an authorized service for the periodic revision. 
  • Assistance for the purchase / sale of the vehicle
  • Support and non stop assistance
  • Payment of annual taxes
  • Mandatory insurrance policy, CASCO & vignette payment
  • Tire Management
  • Assistance in case of road accidents
  • Towing damaged vehicles or with technical difficulties to the repair service
  • Replacement car during the repair period